New Jersey Settlement

Welcome to the Guidotti v. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC, et al.

Guidotti v. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC, Global Client Solutions, LLC, Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust, et al.Case No. 11-CV-01219 (D.N.J.)

If, as a New Jersey resident, you received debt resolution services and also maintained a special purpose or dedicated bank account, a class action settlement may affect your rights.

A settlement has been reached between Plaintiff Dawn Guidotti (“Plaintiff”) and two Defendants, Global Client Solutions, LLC (“Global”) and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust (“RMBT”), in a class action lawsuit claiming that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC, Eclipse Servicing, Inc., Global, Legal Services Support Group, LLC, JG Debt Solutions, LLC, RMBT, Lynch Financial Solutions, Inc., Jem Group, Inc., Century Mitigations, LP, Legal Helpers PC, Thomas G. Macey, Jeffrey J. Aleman, Jason E. Searns, Jeffrey Hyslip, Thomas M. Nicely, Joel Gavalas, Amber N. Duncan, Harry Hedaya, Douglas L. McClure, Michael Hendrix, and Stephen Chaya (collectively, “Defendants”) violated New Jersey state law. The lawsuit claims that Defendants charged illegal fees in connection with the provision of debt resolution services without a license. Global and RMBT deny all allegations of wrongdoing. The settlement doesn’t decide who is right, but rather is a compromise to end the lawsuit and avoid the uncertainties and costs associated with a trial.

Your Legal Rights and Options:

SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM This is the only way to receive a payment.
EXCLUDE YOURSELF You will receive no payment, but you will retain any rights you currently have to sue Global or RMBT about the issues the settlement covers in this case.
OBJECT Write to the Court explaining why you don’t like the settlement.
ATTEND A HEARING Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the settlement.
DO NOTHING You will receive no payment under the settlement and give up your rights to sue Global or RMBT about the issues covered by the settlement in this case.